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As a board-certified specialist in urology, Dr. David Shusterman at NY Urology -- with locations in both Forest Hills and Midtown East, New York City, New York -- focuses on many different health aspects that affect men, including prostate problems. A proper diagnosis and treatment plan is critical when facing problems with the prostate, which is why you need a specialist. Prostate problems are very common for men over the age of 50. If you’re part of that age group, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Shusterman -- either online or by phone -- today.

Prostate Issues Q&A

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a small gland that secretes the fluid portion of semen. It sits just under the bladder, wedged in front of the rectum. The prostate plays an essential role in both reproduction and sexual function, but it’s also the source of a variety of problems for men, especially as they get older.

What are some common prostate problems treated at NY Urology?

Dr. Shusterman and his staff are qualified to manage any condition that affects the prostate, but common problems include:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Prostate cancer
  • Acute prostatitis
  • Chronic prostatitis

Dr. Shusterman uses a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment program for any patient with a problem prostate no matter what the cause, including some state-of-the-art procedures like transurethral microwave therapy, Urolift® treatment, and laser prostate resection.

What is benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate is probably the most common problem older men face. The prostate gland encircles the urethra, a tube that allows urine and semen to pass out of the penis. If that gland enlarges, which it often does as part of the aging process, it pinches off the urethra, interfering with urine flow.

How are prostate issues treated?

Transurethral microwave therapy (TUMT)

Transurethral microwave therapy (TUMT) is a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia. This surgical procedure involves the use of microwave energy transmitted via the urethra using a microwave antenna, to heat the prostate. Heating the gland helps reduce the size of it naturally, opening up the urethra and allowing for a strong, steady urine stream to pass. The process is minimally invasive and comes with few risks.


Urolift is a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment for enlarged prostate that doesn't require heating the gland or trimming it surgically. Dr. Shusterman places tiny implants in key areas to hold the prostate lobes apart. This opens up the urethra allowing for urine to pass through without blockage. The surgery is done right in the office with just a local anesthetic.


Rezum is a water vapor therapy used to treat an enlarged prostate. It uses steam to remove excess prostate tissue that places pressure on the urethra. Over time, your body’s healing response absorbs the tissue, which shrinks the prostate. The procedure is quick, incision-free, and performed on an outpatient basis.

Laser prostate resection

Laser prostate resection is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure that surgically removes part of the prostate gland to allow for better urination. It is done as an outpatient procedure under anesthesia. Dr. Shusterman uses a laser to destroy prostate tissue blocking the opening of the urethra.

Don’t let prostate issues negatively affect your quality of life. Schedule an appointment at NY Urology today by calling the office or booking a consultation online.