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As a board certified urologist, Dr. David Shusterman at NY Urology with locations in both Forest Hills and Midtown East, New York City, New York works with his patients to manage even the most sensitive of conditions, such as erectile dysfunction. Dr. Shusterman is recognized in the field for the compassionate care he offers to those facing challenges that affect their quality of life. If you need to discuss this sensitive medical concern, call NY Urology for an appointment.

Rezum Q&A

REZŪM for BPH– a New Treatment Option for Men with Enlarged Prostate

The REZŪM procedure involves the delivery of heat generated by the radiofrequency energy that is converted to water vapor.  REZŪM generated water vapor is injected under high pressure through a special REZŪM delivery device into the prostate tissue which leads to the destruction of prostate tissue that blocks urine flow.  

How Effective is REZŪM?

The REZŪM procedure has been studied in randomized controlled trials, which is the highest level of scientific evidence.  REZŪM study demonstrated that the REZŪM procedure is at least as effective as medications for the treatment of enlarged prostate.

After the REZŪM procedure, men can expect to experience less urinary frequency, urgency, and urge incontinence symptoms. Many men also experience fewer trips to the bathroom at night which allows them to get better rest.

What is Rezūm Procedure for Enlarged Prostate?

Rezūm is an innovative procedure that has proven to be very effective in the treatment of men with an enlarged prostate. Rezūm procedure can help men with frequent urination, urinary urgency, and a slow urine stream to improve their symptoms.  Rezūm may also help men who need to wake up at night to urinate to pee less often.

How is the Rezūm Procedure Performed?

Rezūm procedure is performed in our office under local or IV anesthesia.  The treatment takes less than 30 minutes to do.  A patient is able to go home shortly after the procedure. 

Who is a Candidate for the Rezūm Procedure?

Men with symptoms of the enlarged prostate such as slow urine stream, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying or needing to strain to push urine out and frequent urination are candidates for REZŪM.  Men who are not in urinary retention and do not have kidney function problems caused by BPH are usually good candidates for REZŪM.  

Men who are concerned about their ejaculation function and do not wish to take daily medications or have intolerable side effects to medications are good candidates for the REZŪM procedure.

Where to Get REZŪM Water Vapor Therapy for Enlarged Prostate in NYC?

At NY urology center, we offer specialized treatment for enlarged prostate with Rezūm for men.  Same-day appointments are available. 

Call: (212) 991-9991 or make an appointment online.  

We offer all types of treatment for enlarged prostate.

Cost of Enlarged Prostate Treatment without Insurance

At NY urology center we offer affordable treatment for men. Our prices are very affordable for patients without insurance.  At NY urology center, we offer flat-fee ‘all-cost-included’ Rezūm procedure.  The procedure is performed in our office under local anesthesia. Men from other states can save thousands of dollars over local hospital fees by coming to NY urology center for treatment. 

Cost of Treatment and Insurances

At NY urology center we offer affordable treatment for men. Our prices are very affordable for patients without insurance and for those who have high deductibles, or insurance plans that do not cover treatment costs. 

We accept most of health insurance plans.  We would be happy to verify your eligibility and benefits and to provide you with detailed information on your health plan’s coverage.  Financing options and credit options are available to help you pay for medical care.

What Insurances Cover Rezūm procedure for BPH?

Most of insurances cover the cost of treatment with the REZUM procedure. Please contact us so that we can verify your insurance coverage. Affordable payment options are available for patients without insurance.

How Soon Can I Expect to See Benefits after Rezūm Procedure?

It typically takes about 1 month after the Rezūm procedure to notice an improvement in urinary symptoms including improvement in urinary urgency, frequency, and urinary stream. The maximum benefit is typically achieved about 3-6 months after the procedure.  Studies show that the benefit persists for at least 3 years after the REZŪM procedure for the treatment of enlarged prostate symptoms. 

Quality of life after REZŪM, as reported by patients, improves by 50% with symptoms improving maximally by 3 months after Rezūm and staying at the same level for 3 years in the study.

Significantly, REZŪM is just as effective in men with median lobe as in men without median lobe with IPSS symptom improvement similar between the two groups.

What is significant is that the failure rate of 4% after treatment at 3 years is very low.

Studies show that there is no significant change in ejaculation function or erection quality after 3 years.

Why Choose NY urology center for Treatment of Enlarged Prostate Problems?

  • All treatment is performed by a board-certified urologists experienced in treating men with symptoms of frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence, and bladder pain using medical therapy, minimally invasive surgeries, lasers, and open surgery.
  • We are one of the few practices in NY State to offer a full range of options for treatment of urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate in men.

Extensive experience: Thousands of men have treated successfully using medical therapy, surgery, and minimally invasive procedures such as Urolift procedure, Rezūm surgery, TUMT procedure.

  • We offer diagnostic testing in our office which avoids hospital costs.
  • Confidential and Understanding Care. We understand that most of our patients desire privacy.  We see patients with a variety of urological problems. Your reason for visiting us is entirely confidential.

Scheduling Appointments for Enlarged Prostate Treatment at NY urology center

If you have any questions, please contact us to schedule a consultation at

(212) 991-9991 or book online.

We accept most of insurances and offer very affordable prices for patients without insurance.  We offer weekday, weekend, and evening office hours.